Basic Bits - Red Pins #228

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ALQ #228
Basic Bits - Red Pins #228

The pattern contains the instructions to make both of these cute little pin cushions and the RED Flocked Words and Measuring Tape Ribbon.  You can never have too many pin cushions.  They also make fun little gifts.  You will probably want to make more than two, so we have extra sets of the Words and Ribbon that you can purchase.


Pin Cushion One   3" x 5"    

Pin Cushion Two  3" x 6"


3 Assorted Prints - 5” x 7”

Background Fabric - 5” x 8”

Lining Fabric - 8” x 14”

Flocked Words - Included

Measuring Tape Ribbon - 12” - Included

Filling - Crushed Walnut Shells or Silica Sand